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May 6, 2021

Martin Zimmerling, the Head of Implant Development at MED-EL, shares in this podcast episode the clinical experiences of diametric magnet design that has been available since 2014.

Apr 29, 2021

What is important to consider, when MRI scans are planned for patients with MED-EL Hearing implants? In this episode, Melissa Waller (Head of Education & Training) and Martin Zimmerling (Head of Implant Development) discuss important information for CI surgeons and radiologists, when planning an MRI for MED-EL...

Apr 22, 2021

In this episode, Martin Zimmerling, Head of Implant Development at MED-EL, explains how magnets in MED-EL hearing implants are designed, so they provide maximum safety* to patients undergoing MRI scans.

*MED-EL cochlear implants since 1994 are MR Conditional. Recipients with a MED-EL cochlear implant may be safely MRI...